Basic module of Amazon product

1. Setting Page

2. Active Module

Access Moredeal>Setting and select the plugin to activate. Check Enable. Please fill in all required fields marked with asterisks, view the documentation for each module, and fill in all required fields.

3. How to Obtain Associate Tag

The website referrals sales to to earn commission. To get commissions, you must have an associated tag. The associated tag is an automatically generated unique identifier. You need to make a request through the product advertising API.
If you need to get associated labels, refer to sign-up-as-an-associate.

4. Default Language

Amazon branch/language. Each branch needs to be registered separately in certain partner programs.
You can only use the product advertising API in the site where you are registered as an Amazon partner. For example, if you are an Amazon Alliance in the US site and not an Amazon partner in the UK, you cannot access the product advertising API in the UK site.
Therefore, you need to register a separate Associate Tag for each branch. For example, the Amazon Alliance of the US site uses the American Associate Tag, while the UK site needs to register the UK Associate Tag separately.

5. Priority

Priority refers to set the order of modules in the article. 0 indicates the highest priority.

6. Product Update

In the Corn update mode, the interval is in seconds for updating price and inventory.
For example, set 86400 refer to update its price once a day. 0 means no update.

7. Update Mode

Two ways to update price:

1.Page access update.When the page is accessed,the product price will be updated accordingly.The disadvantage of this method is that the page loading is slightly delayed sometimes for the new data request.
2.Regular update.Use WP Cron to update in the background. No additional settings required.

8. Amazon Disclaimer

You can enter the disclaimer you want to replace.

9. Associate Tag for Local

You can enter the Associate Tag that each language you register from the individual branch into the selection box of the corresponding language (corresponding to the attribute configured in 4 default languages).When you select the different Local, the corresponding Associate Tag will be added to the product details connection. If the attribute is not configured, the default Associate Tag will be used.