How to Search Products

Moredeal provides many methods to search product. You can search products by ASIN, keywords, Amazon link, product categories, selection lables, hot search, product strategies, etc.
Add keywords
Add Amazon link
You can also copy the link to the blank place to add the product
Search more keywords/ASIN,separate with commas
To make the search products more accurate, you can add product categories
When you need more filter conditions, you can add other filter labels, such as review , rating, price etc
Click "Search" to view the search results

2.Use Filters to Search Products

Select the product labels and set the filter conditions, such as sales count over 10000
Click the “search” to check the result
When you need to reset the filter conditions, you can click "reset"
We have collected some keywords that has heavy traffic on Amazon to recommend as hot search

4.Product Strategies

In order to search products quickly, we set some commonly filter lables as for product strategies. For the specific description, please refer to the "Product Strategies"